DIY Galaxy Shoes! They’re Out Of This World!!

Out of this world!!

10491201_10153099803585505_5921488610820491047_nLet me introduce Sissy! She is an artist. So much more craftier than anyone else in my family.  Her world is full of color. Her room is a Caribbean Blue, her eyes are an Emerald Green and right now her smile is Pink and Purple (thanks to braces).  With her being the crafty one in the family, she LOVES Pinterest. She saw some pictures of Galaxy Shoes and she begged me to go get the paint, since she had a pair of black shoes just lying around.



We collected the paint and supplies (jewels, shoes, something to cover my table, paintbrushes) and went to work.  Sissy did most of the work. First we



painted them in splotches of Pink, Purple and Blue.  Then we blended the splotches together so it looks like they are supposed to be there. When we were finally happy with the way the colors looked, we added stars and galaxies.

Sissy was very happy the way her shoes turned out!




Gluten Free DIY Ornaments!

I remember making Salt Dough Ornaments with Lovey Levin on his second Christmas. I didn’t know at the time that I was poisoning him with Gluten.

I recently found a new recipe that I can’t wait to try!!! Just in time to make party favors for his birthday party coming up! I found the recipe here!

Here’s what you’ll need…

• 1 box baking soda (about 2 cups)
• 1 cup cornstarch
• 11/2 cups water
• Sauce pan
• Bowl
• Spoon
• Plastic wrap

Here’s how you make it…

1. Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring consistently, until it is too thick to stir with a spoon.

2. Cool for 15 minutes, or until the dough is cool enough to touch. Knead it for about 5 minutes, or until smooth. Keep dough wrapped in plastic.

Once you have molded it, it will take 1-2 days for the clay to dry. The length of time depends on how thick your craft is: If it is a flat ornament, it may only take 1 day, if it is thick it will take much longer. This clay can be painted with either Tempera or acrylic craft paints.

Do put the hole in for the string or hook, we use a straw. It’s small enough for string but not TOO big to be mistaken for part of the design!!

After you paint it, give it a coat of clear acrylic to seal it. I hate chipped paint! I think I’ll try some cool nail polishes this year – My daughter has a few doubles sitting in her drawer… 😉

We’re BAAA-AACK! Our Summer Adventure ReCap!

I don’t know about your summer, but our summer was ANYTHING but boring!! Rosie had her expander and braces put on, I had wisdom teeth pulled, Andrew started his last year of Midgets football,  we bought a CABIN BY A LAKE, I met my FAVORITE AUTHOR (AHHHH!!) and Levin has grown tremendously! We have stayed so busy!

Rosie - 1st day and Kindergarten and last day of 4th Grade

Rosie – 1st day and Kindergarten and last day of 4th Grade

Rosie finished her Elementary school career! She had awesome

Junior High, Here she comes!

Junior High, Here she comes!

grades and we are so incredibly proud of her!! She was so excited to finish this chapter and start a new one. It kind of makes me sad to see her growing up so quickly. I don’t remember Andrew making such a big deal out of this transition. Her excitement rubs off on me and I get caught up in her moments!


I had some wisdom teeth pulled this summer. Let me tell you, I have never experienced such

Did I swallow a winter's supply of food?

Did I swallow a winter’s supply of food?

pain in my life (short of giving birth). I also strongly resembled Mr. Incredible from the Disney/ Pixar movie. It was quite hilarious, from that perspective. It took me nearly three weeks to eat normally. The silver lining was that it got me over my weight loss plateau. There’s always a silver lining 😉


Check out the young man in the second row, on the left! That’s Lovey Levin’s big brother Andrew! This is his last year of Midgets football. He’s number 25!


I met Diana Gabaldon!! HOLY SHIT! You DO know who she is, right?? Only the BEST 10177410_679483318777547_3453728015188132093_nAUTHOR EVER!!! She wrote the Outlander Series, amongst various other books and technical articles and a few comics.  I was just beside myself with excitement!! I have so many pictures of our “Gathering” (OUR being an Outlander PA group that I helped create) but I didn’t want to put them all up here and turn Levin’s food blog into an Outlander Blog, which I could very easily do!! As if this summer couldn’t get better for my Outlandish addiction, my favorite book is now a TV Series on Starz! You can watch the first episode here!

I’m saving the best for last! You know how Mark Walhberg Bought a Zoo, in the movies? IMG_9573Well, we bought a HUGE chunk of land! And we IMG_0325 - Copylove it!! It has a rustic two room cabin. One room has three bunks and a woodstove. The second room has a kitchen setup, a large table and an open area. Next to the cabin is a 2-3 acre lake. There’s a shed/ garage to house guy things! Next to the shed we found a really old IMG_0324 - Copytruck that was quite literally stuck in the mud. We guess that it’s a 1937 Chevy pick up truck. It looks like it has a wooden snow plow attached to it’s front. It looks awesome!!

IMG_0319 - CopyIMG_0312 - CopyIMG_0323 - CopyIMG_0308 - Copy

IMG_0211 - CopyWe love exploring the property and finding new things! IMG_0197 - CopyThere’s so much to learn about! This place is truly “Out There”. No electricity, no running water, Off the grid! We DO have propane, which makes cooking easy. But we still have to poo in a hole. We are working on an upgrade for that, this fall.


Be sure to check in next week for some awesome recipes featuring yummy vegetables and an awesome new recipe modified from the Moosewood Cookbook!

Lovey Levin also helped me make a Carrot Cheesecake just the other day, from scratch, completely gluten free of course!

We have lots to say, so you will have lots to read! xoxo

My Neck Of The Woods (A Picture Post)

20140404-185641.jpgAll Photographs were taken by me on my property! I hope you enjoy the views as much as I do. One of my neighbors told My Guy that it wasn’t his view, it was God’s view. If that’s the case, I’m more than happy to share it.  Most were taken at sunrise… a few at sunset.














That Crazy Wrap Thing??? It Works! FOR REAL!

The It Works Crazy Wrap Thing! I was skeptical! My neighbor, Stacy, tried to get me to do it and I hemmed and hawed. I didn’t think it was worth my money ($25) or time (45 minutes). HOLY MOLY!! I was wrong! That’s not me to the left, I wasn’t smart enough to take before and after pictures, but it’s pretty close, as I recently had a baby and my belly was damned near laying next to me (you know what I’m talking about). I was SOLD! I bought four wraps for $59! Much cheaper than $25 for one, and everyone knows I’m all about a bargain!

1962757_260131790827763_78568843_nYou can wrap more than just your belly!1960872_265333226974286_826790650_o You can wrap just about any part of your body you don’t like! To the right, here is Chris. I know her personally – pretty well in fact. She’s a very lovely lady! I was sitting next to her as she had her facial wrap done. I watched in amazement as her lines disappeared. It was awesome! She was thrilled!1796765_742167039147859_1728352778_o

Stacy, my neighbor and distributor, is ecstatic 1239035_262067397300869_34854172_nabout the Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins! Check out her results after only two weeks! I’m taking these now! I’m almost through with week one! To the Left is Dani, Stacy’s director – looks at her growth! It’s AMAZING!


If you want to try that crazy wrap thing, click HERE! If you think you want to make some money being a distributor, click HERE or on Stacy to the LEFT!





Gluten Free Play-doh or GOOP?! Which do you Prefer??



Lovey Levin is sensitive to messy hands. By sensitive, I mean he goes nearly ape shit whenever his hands are dirty! “BIG MESS!” “I NEED WIPEY” “QEEN MY HANDS”  That’s what I hear whenever he is dirty. Now it’s amusing when he starts to get messy then later realizes that he’s gotten messy.. His face is priceless, think, “How the heck did this happen?!? GET IT OFF ME!!!”1969890_10152263234595505_1018354283_o

That said, we made Gluten Free Play Doh with a recipe I modified from Pinterest. It’s NOT edible. So if you have young ones that still put things in their mouths, please don’t use this recipe. 

1973028_10152263192710505_264817040_oI used 1 part hair conditioner and 2 parts cornstarch. I had to mess with it a little to get it right. If it’s too wet, add cornstarch – if it’s too crumbly add conditioner (in VERY small amounts!).  If you want to have color, you can add food coloring or Kool-Aid powder. We did white because I don’t like more mess than what I need. 1924546_10152263245230505_2104634139_o

We started with 1c cornstarch and 1/2 conditioner, for a very small ball of dough. It is the perfect size!

This didn’t stick to his hands too bad. It did leave a powdery residue, which washed off easily. It also vacuumed up VERY easily. Overall, we were very happy with his first Play-doh experience. He was a happy camper and stayed busy for well over an hour, which is AMAZING for a two year old!


When Sissy came home from school she saw Lovey Levin’s Play-doh and the ingredients and she asked if she could make goo!1939333_10152263912400505_669309052_o My toddler is sensitive to messy hands and gluten intolerant so here is a craft I NEVER thought he would do!!

To make Goo (which is also Gluten Free Fun) you only need a bowl, 1 cup of cornstarch, and a half cup of water! Mix with your hands then ENJOY!

1972829_10152263909945505_1667288676_oLevin and Sissy enjoyed this, which REALLY surprised me given Levin’s distaste of messy hands, and they really were messy this time. He like to drizzle the Goo over Sissy’s arm. Luckily she LOVES to get dirty and messy and she didn’t mind AT ALL!

All hell broke loose one Lovey Levin realized his hands were messy. He started to cry and shake his hands back and forth trying to get the mess off of them.1972947_10152263909090505_492210507_o Imagine a wet dog shaking it’s fur…. now imagine that fur covered in cornstarch and water… Yep. That’s what he did. It’s a good thing he’s such a Lovey!!