A Bit About ME!

IMG_0610My name is Sarah, Lovey Levin’s Mommy. I’m a Stay at Home Mom. I have three kids! IMG_9575Lovey, Sissy and Drew! I wasn’t always a SAHM. Before I had Lovey, I worked in the corporate world. Spread sheets, sales quotas, A LOT of driving, and over 50 people asking for my time!! I never thought I would think that was easy. It is, compared to staying at home full time. At least, for me.

Shortly after Lovey turned One, we discovered his gluten intolerance. He had rashes that wouldn’t go away, nearly chronic diarrhea, his eating habits were sporadic – at best. So we had the Celiac Blood test the tests for the antibodies. He was negative to Celiac disease. Our medical expert suggested we go Gluten Free just to see what happens. Bless her heart! His rashes went away, his stools went to what I considered normal, he started eating on a regular basis, he started sleeping through the night AND HE STARTED TALKING!!! Lovey had been in state sponsored speech therapy (Early Intervention) because at 18 months he had the speech of a 13 month old. Within three months of being completely GF we were able to say goodbye to the therapist. He could sign over 50 words and speak over 200! Now at two, he’s speaking full intelligent sentences, he sings, he reasons (out loud, over and over and over).  At three, he never shuts up!!!

Since Levin turned 3, he went through another Gluten Challenge. He passed it this time with Flying Colors!! His Medical Experts said that he likely didn’t have the enzyme needed to digest gluten when he was born. Now he does… Either way, this is great news for my son. 

We still eat mostly gluten free (I’m 100% gluten free, diary free and legume free). 


What say you??

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