DIY Galaxy Shoes! They’re Out Of This World!!

Out of this world!!

10491201_10153099803585505_5921488610820491047_nLet me introduce Sissy! She is an artist. So much more craftier than anyone else in my family.  Her world is full of color. Her room is a Caribbean Blue, her eyes are an Emerald Green and right now her smile is Pink and Purple (thanks to braces).  With her being the crafty one in the family, she LOVES Pinterest. She saw some pictures of Galaxy Shoes and she begged me to go get the paint, since she had a pair of black shoes just lying around.



We collected the paint and supplies (jewels, shoes, something to cover my table, paintbrushes) and went to work.  Sissy did most of the work. First we



painted them in splotches of Pink, Purple and Blue.  Then we blended the splotches together so it looks like they are supposed to be there. When we were finally happy with the way the colors looked, we added stars and galaxies.

Sissy was very happy the way her shoes turned out!




What say you??

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