Why I Eat Paleo And Not Crap…..


My Guy Bri ❤ and Me

I get asked often if I’m Paleo to lose weight.  The answer is no. I also get asked if I’m allergic to Dairy, Gluten or Legumes.  The answer is NO.  Then why would I put myself through the (what must seem to others) torture of a Paleo Diet?!???  The answer is, it helps my pain.  Then the conversation continues to people asking me what causes my pain. The answer is I DO NOT KNOW.  My doctors DO NOT KNOW.  Even with their lack of knowledge, the prescribe me medications.  I’ve been labelled as having Fibromyalgia.  There is no test for this, it is a process of elimination.  Nothing else seems to be causing the pain in my muscles and joints, sometimes so severe that I hardly leave my bed, so it must be this phantom disease called Fibromyalgia.  There are treatments for this disease, although NO CURE.  I can take pills to alter my brain function, pills to alter my nerve function or I can change my diet.  I opted to change my diet. I started October ’14.

Lovey Levin and Mom

Lovey Levin and Mom

I started by cutting a little bit of the “offending” food at a time. So in October, I gave up Gluten.  That wasn’t hard for me because my son, Lovey Levin, was still GF at that point. In December, I gave up Dairy.  That nearly killed me. I can almost guarantee that the majority of my diet was cheese.  I shit you not!  I put cheese on everything, with almost every meal.  February, I cut all Grains and Legumes.  SHIT HIT THE FAN, literally…. I was on the toilet more often than not.

Rosie and Me

Rosie and Me

The good news was that my pain was gone.  That said, I was going #2 so often that I was becoming dehydrated.  My fingers would swell. I went back to my doctor and had to go through an Upper and Lower GI exploratory.  It turned out that I had some kind of distress in my intestines.  They prescribed another medication.  I declined.  I added some rice back to my diet.  My #2 problem miraculously went away.  No medication needed.

So now I have my diet set so I can eat well and have no pain.

My Boo Drew and Me

My Boo Drew and Me

I still don’t eat white potatoes, I take it easy on tomatoes, I DO eat rice and my pain level has been reduced by 85%, easily!  My family has been great about meeting my needs.  They are more than willing to be guinea pigs to my recipes and my attempts to modify our regular recipes.  We’ve had some nasty, horrible duds; mostly it’s been great.  I don’t buy things that come in a box; things that are overly processed or prepackaged.   My family is eating healthier because I got sick. I am healthier because I got sick.  I managed to lose over 60 pounds through diet and exercise (which I can now do, because the pain is so much less). There’s always a silver lining!


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