We love Hummus! It’s Just a Yummy Bean Dip!

We love Hummus! I’ve never had store bought Hummus before. I had it once at a restaurant and fell in love with it! keep-calm-and-eat-hummusAfter I saw how easy it was to create things with Chick Peas (Garbanzo Beans) I decided to try my hand at Hummus! I found a recipe, I used it as a starting off point, then I did my own thing! Have you noticed a pattern with that yet?? Back to the recipe – I gathered my


  1. 1 can  (15.5 – 16 oz) of Chick Peas
  2. 1/3 c of Tahini
  3. 1T of garlic, minced (2-3 cloves)
  4. 1t of salt
  5. 1T of Olive Oil (I used sesame oil)
  6. squirts of Lemon Juice (Close to 2T) or juice from 1 lemon.
  7. Seasoning to taste. I like Cumin in mine. Parsley to Garnish.
  • Throw EVERYTHING except Parsley into the food processor. You can see mine all fits into my mini-prep. hummus3
  • Grind until smooth!
  • Garnish with Parsley
  • Sprinkle more Oil on it, if you’d like!hummus2





Remember, NO LEFTOVERS!! You can eat Hummus on just about anything! Vegetables, crackers, chips, bread. I prefer it on Tostitos or the chips shown in the picture. I like to keep things safe in case Lovey Levin wants some. My Guy likes his on pita bread or Tostitos. My mother spreads Hummus on her sandwiches… How do you like your HUMMUS??hummus


What say you??

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