Gluten Free Play-doh or GOOP?! Which do you Prefer??



Lovey Levin is sensitive to messy hands. By sensitive, I mean he goes nearly ape shit whenever his hands are dirty! “BIG MESS!” “I NEED WIPEY” “QEEN MY HANDS”  That’s what I hear whenever he is dirty. Now it’s amusing when he starts to get messy then later realizes that he’s gotten messy.. His face is priceless, think, “How the heck did this happen?!? GET IT OFF ME!!!”1969890_10152263234595505_1018354283_o

That said, we made Gluten Free Play Doh with a recipe I modified from Pinterest. It’s NOT edible. So if you have young ones that still put things in their mouths, please don’t use this recipe. 

1973028_10152263192710505_264817040_oI used 1 part hair conditioner and 2 parts cornstarch. I had to mess with it a little to get it right. If it’s too wet, add cornstarch – if it’s too crumbly add conditioner (in VERY small amounts!).  If you want to have color, you can add food coloring or Kool-Aid powder. We did white because I don’t like more mess than what I need. 1924546_10152263245230505_2104634139_o

We started with 1c cornstarch and 1/2 conditioner, for a very small ball of dough. It is the perfect size!

This didn’t stick to his hands too bad. It did leave a powdery residue, which washed off easily. It also vacuumed up VERY easily. Overall, we were very happy with his first Play-doh experience. He was a happy camper and stayed busy for well over an hour, which is AMAZING for a two year old!


When Sissy came home from school she saw Lovey Levin’s Play-doh and the ingredients and she asked if she could make goo!1939333_10152263912400505_669309052_o My toddler is sensitive to messy hands and gluten intolerant so here is a craft I NEVER thought he would do!!

To make Goo (which is also Gluten Free Fun) you only need a bowl, 1 cup of cornstarch, and a half cup of water! Mix with your hands then ENJOY!

1972829_10152263909945505_1667288676_oLevin and Sissy enjoyed this, which REALLY surprised me given Levin’s distaste of messy hands, and they really were messy this time. He like to drizzle the Goo over Sissy’s arm. Luckily she LOVES to get dirty and messy and she didn’t mind AT ALL!

All hell broke loose one Lovey Levin realized his hands were messy. He started to cry and shake his hands back and forth trying to get the mess off of them.1972947_10152263909090505_492210507_o Imagine a wet dog shaking it’s fur…. now imagine that fur covered in cornstarch and water… Yep. That’s what he did. It’s a good thing he’s such a Lovey!!


What say you??

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