Poosents? I like Poosents!

Subscription Boxes! YAY!!! I love them! I’ve tried a few. Some for myself (The monthly box that comes full of tampons and chocolates!! That one was great, but pretty expensive.) Some foodie ones (Gluten free, that I cancelled right away! How dare they say GF but be manufactured in a facility that also manufactures wheat?!?) I’ve tried some for Levin (Bluum, Honest Company). But my favorite box is the one I get for Lovey Levin every month. It’s called Citrus Lanecitrus laneJanuary’s Citrus Lane box                                                                                                                                              Lovey Levin loves play food, so getting Plan Toys three piece “cut” food was wonderful ($8.30 + $7 shipping = $15.30 – Plan Toys) . Faber Castell Duo Tip markers in such a beautiful array of colors ($10 – Amazon) did not come amiss. We used them to color on wooden race-cars (from February’s box)!  Zig Zag Zebra, which is a beautiful coloring book, a little bit old for Lovey Levin, but beautiful still ($6.29 – Amazon) We put this item away until he’s old enough to use it. Finally, Mommy’s Bliss for Kids, is a homeopathic remedy for an upset stomach ($9.74 – Amazon). We haven’t had to use this yet, but I didn’t think it would hurt to have on hand given Lovey Levin’s intolerance and reaction to Gluten. Maybe it will help him! The total value of January’s box is $41.33, I paid $16.33. That offered me a $25 value over what I paid. So it may not seem like I got much in my box, but it had good value. Plus, Lovey Levin LOVES LOVES LOVES his fruit and his markers. I know he will love his coloring book and hopefully, the Mommy’s Bliss for Kids may be helpful to him, as well.

February’s Citrus Lane Box

1966641_10152253297480505_331553732_o(1)Lovey Levin really liked his February box. His box contained more from Plan Toys, this time a practice shoe for lacing ($9.28 – Amazon). He enjoyed pulling the laces out of it. He got to pick out which Skip Hop bin ($14.99) he got this month, and he picked the owl. It’s a good size and will hold some of his toys! The book was AWESOME this month! Skip Through the Seasons ($6.99 – Amazon) by Stella Blackstone. What a truly awesome book! It’s a seek and find book with beautiful illustration! There was also an Apple lotion that didn’t smell like Apples to me. My nine year old daughter took it over so I can’t even price it… SORRY! I would guess around $3.00.  We also do the add ons, sometimes. 1902206_10152253353405505_2036520927_oThis month we added on Melissa and Doug Race cars. I purchased two of them because I had an email with $10 off a purchase and this total came to $9.50, they retail for $7.15 each totaling $14.30 on Amazon. So total value this month was $48.56 ($34.26 without add ons) and I paid $16.33, as I do each month. That offered me a value of $32.23 over what I paid ($22.73 without add ons).


March Citrus Lane Box


March Citrus Lane Box

March Citrus Lane Box

Look at all the wonderful things in our box this month!!! WOO HOO! We got the Skip Hop Elephant back pack ($18.64 – Amazon). This was added on this month for $20 (I happened to have a credit so I didn’t pay anything for this item!). Lovey Levin hasn’t gotten his little hands on this item yet as it will show up in his Easter Basket.  Next is the  Petit Collage Safari Animal Puzzle ($13.00 – Amazon). Lovey LOVES this puzzle. I thought it would be too tough on him but it’s not. It’s just challenging enough for him! He loves digging out the colors to sort the animals before he attempts to put it together.10148661_10152308853080505_859193918_o He must pull this puzzle out at least ten times a day! We also got Eco Dough ($6.94 – Amazon). I put this away for a give away gift. It contains Gluten and Lovey Levin will sometimes put things in his mouth. I did go to the website of the manufacturer and found out that they do make a Gluten Free option!! That’s pretty cool. While I doubt I will order any (we make our own gluten free play doh) it’s nice to know there are options! Little Adventures Power Mask Red/Blue, which were another add-on this month purchased for a total of $6.00 but I used a credit, ($3.99 + $1.99 shipping = $5.98 x 2 = $11.96 – Amazon) have been a hilarious prop in my house since our box came! Levin will run around shouting “SUPER HERO LEVIN” It’s quite the sight to see! Next is the purple10148777_10152320648535505_1913511890_o Medi-Buddy ($6.99 – Amazon). I opened this up and it looks well stocked with plenty of good stuff. I plan on keeping it in my car! Finally there’s the CleanWell Hand Sanitizing Wipes Orange & Vanilla ($6.65- Amazon). I haven’t used these or even opened them yet. These are also going to go in the car.  I love things like this for when we go to playgrounds and restaurants. Keeping it clean! YEAH! So when I add all this stuff up, my total box value is $64.18 ($38.18 without my add ons). Total paid $16.33. That offered me a value of $47.85 over what I paid ($21.85 without add ons)!

If you are interested in giving Citrus Lane a try, you can use this link https://www.citruslane.com/invitedby/citrus.lane.508057 It will get you half off (50%) of your first box! I highly recommend this subscription service. It’s been great for us!! So many learning opportunities!




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