There Ain’t No Wheat in Me!

Levin enjoying a GF bagel

When we found out Levin couldn’t eat Gluten, we took it with a grain of salt. He was young. It wouldn’t matter that much. Well, now he’s two. He wants to eat EVERYTHING we are eating!! More and more we, as a family, are eating Gluten Free. Thank goodness for the internet and those who have walked this path before me! I praise them! If I knew them, I would kiss their feet!

Has this been a challenge? Of course! Have we messed up? <hangs head in shame> Yes, much to the detriment of my son’s belly. The poor lovey suffers for days after being “glutened”. But after each mistake, we learn. We are a little bit smarter. We don’t make that mistake again.

1404209_10151993072850505_1210663322_o 1423016_10151993073235505_420189970_o

That’s what Lovey’s face looks like after he’s been “glutened” that’s just his face. He won’t eat solids or have a solid poo for 4-5 days. My poor little dude. So I go to great lengths to make sure this doesn’t happen to him.  The last time he was contaminated was a few weeks ago.  Let me tell you, I felt bad afterwards, but not nearly as bad as he did. We had Japanese – cooked at home because I don’t trust anyone else… My Guy sauteed our food in a few tablespoons of Saki (something we usually don’t do with the kids food), GF soy sauce and mirin. Levin had maybe a teaspoon of this reduction, that was cooked with chicken and broccoli and string beans and mushrooms (AKA: very diluted), over his rice. He was sick for a week. Cause of sickness – Saki. Lesson Learned.


Levin is now nearly 28 months old and we are teaching him to start to be aware of Gluten himself. Whenever he eats anything, he will look at me and say, “Gluten Free, Levin!”

On the other hand, if he sees someone eating something he can’t have, like a cookie or a roll, he will say, “Gluten, yucky, get sick, Bleh!! Daddy can eat it!” It’s really important to me that I teach Levin how to be aware. So we have t-shirts, bracelets and stickers. photo 3

He is enjoying a GF bagel and cream cheese!photo 1 photo 5



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