<3 Valentines Day Dinner <3 Who Cares if it's Late?

Ahh! Married life! Isn’t it wonderful? Full of roses and rose tinted glasses? More like forgotten cards that are already signed and Valentine’s Day dinners 6 weeks late! It’s the thought that counts. Always remember that. My Guy took me to a new restaurant about 15 minutes outside of town. We thought we would try something new. The food was good, the waitstaff was excellent. The prices were a bit inflated.  All that aside, I loved having a few hours alone with My Guy, sans kids. We didn’t have to worry about Gluten Contaminating anything, Levin touching something he shouldn’t, Krista minding her manners at the table – we could just enjoy each others company and the meal (that I didn’t have to cook OR clean up after)! So what if our bill was nearly $200? You can’t put a price on time.  It was time well spent.

me and My Guy


What say you??

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